Praise and Inspiration

Amanda Helen Collinge

  • Injury: 5th metatarsal fracture
  • Sport: Ballet

I met Erik a few days after what I thought was a career-ending injury: during dress rehearsal only a few days before opening night as a principal dancer in a large production, I slipped on fake snow j’été-ing onto stage, breaking my left foot. As a more mature dancer, immediately my heart broke as I thought this was it for me, and surgery was not an option due to the way it broke. Erik immediately gave me hope, creating a detailed care plan on how I could return to the stage.

Muscle atrophy was a concern, as I was stuck in a boot waiting for the bone to naturally heal, and Erik helped me keep up strength initially through non-weight bearing exercises, blood flow restriction rehab, and then progressive plans for regaining range of motion and strength once I could walk again.

Erik also took it upon himself to learn the uniqueness of ballet movement – as dancers know, technique is critical and we can’t sacrifice form, which he understood and included in creating our intensive rehab plan.

The care and attention I received from Erik was world-class, second to none; he really went above and beyond for me. My most recent performance was back en pointe, performing the Dying Swan and excerpts from Swan Lake at the Chan Centre; something I didn’t dream was possible at the time of the injury.

I cannot express how truly grateful I am for Erik’s incredible care, and do not believe I would be where I am today without his guidance and support.

Julia Gretarsdottir

  • Injury: Sacroiliac pain
  • Sport: Figure skating
  • Team: Team Iceland

I had known Erik in passing before coming to see him for my persisting injury. One day after a bad day he saw me limping around and was asking about my story as I have a lengthy one with a what seemed like a never-ending injury. The next day he fit me in for our first session and from there things have finally started to look up for me. Instead of settling with my pain, I feel like I can start to perform to my fullest again. Though I have more road to recovery, I can see and feel where I can be.

Erik listened empathically while at the same time, pushed me to reach new levels – things that I didn’t think I would be able to do. We went from settling on the status quo, to a place of new aspirations!

Lucas Greene

  • Injury: Persistent and multiple lower extremity injuries
  • Sport: Lacrosse
  • School/Team: Simon Fraser University Men’s Lacrosse

I was excited to work with Erik after struggling to find a physiotherapist who could solve recurring injuries. I couldn’t train through my injuries and began to suffer mentally.. I could no longer stay healthy and produce on the field. Erik’s initial confidence and directness really set me at ease before the real work even began.

Erik’s ability to structure a plan of treatment and injury prevention was a blessing. The level of care, commitment, and constant dialogue through hours of treatment and hard work exemplifies his genuine character.

Erik wants to see you succeed just as much as you do. I used to hate going to physiotherapy, it always meant I was injured, but with Erik I was excited to show up and put in the work because I was finally seeing results. I am more confident in my ability to stay on the field and be effective than ever before, and that is all thanks to Erik!

Adam Morrison

  • Injury: Groin pain
  • Sport: Hockey
  • Team: Fife Fliers

Having played hockey at a professional level for 9 years has taken its toll on my body. I have had injuries to my ankles, hips, and abdomen.

Erik has been there each time to support my physical rehab requirements and has always gone above and beyond to ensure that I understand what it is I am doing.

He knows when to push me and knows when something needs to be tailored to better achieve the goal of either returning to play or correcting pre-existing deficiencies.His strong theoretical knowledge, practical skill set, and ability to explain in great detail make him an important asset to have in my corner whether I am rehabilitating an injury or looking to extend my playing career.

Best of all, he cares about each and every client and goes above and beyond for all of us to ensure that we leave treatment feeling better than when we came in. This element, coupled with his strong work ethic and great personality makes working alongside Erik entertaining and rewarding.

I know that I am the one who puts in the work but without Erik there to guide, correct, and teach me about my body I know that I would not have had the opportunity to play a game that I love at a high level for as long as I have.

Katheryn Isfeld

  • Injury: Proximal hamstring tear
  • Sport: Dancer and aerialist
  • Team: The Circus Lab

I first started seeing Erik as a young dancer to rehab a knee injury, and then later a hip injury, and finally (the big one) a hamstring injury.

I came to Erik a few months after I injured my hamstring dancing.. I felt defeated and hopeless. So many doctors had already told me I shouldn’t expect to be able to perform the same again, and I was afraid that was it for my career.

The moment I stepped in the room with Erik, he was comforting, and straight to business working to figure out what was wrong. That itself wasn’t easy and took months, because underneath the obvious injury was a surprise secondary one – the obturator internus. I don’t know of many people out there that could have found that out – and it was pivotal to my recovery. I have so much appreciation for him listening to and understanding my strange ways of explaining pain, and constantly taking the time to help me really learn what was going on with my body.

Despite the persisting pain and a handful of very tough sessions, Erik somehow made the unbearable bearable, and always got some laughs through the tears. I truly don’t believe I could have made it through that year-long rehab process without him!

Since my recovery, I have branched out and am currently training full time as a circus artist, specializing in Dance Trapeze and Roue Cyr. Every day I push my body to its limits, and because of all of the work we did, and all the positive body awareness he taught me, I have been able to succeed in what once would have been impossible! I feel safe knowing that if I ever get injured, I am in the most capable hands.

Jackson Cressey

  • Injury: Hip labral repair
  • Sport: Hockey
  • Team: Tyringe SoSS (SWE)

Through my playing career I put great stress on my hip forcing me to get hip surgery.  Erik has provided me with incredible care throughout my ongoing rehabilitation.  He has allowed me to play my sport without any hindrance from the procedure.

Erik has also helped me deal with multiple other injuries over the years.  I have been seeing Erik for around 6 years and will continue to. He is always positive, professional and loves his work. I look forward to my physiotherapy appointments. He is always there to help either by email or in person. I would highly recommend his services to anyone.

Michael Tomlinson

  • Injury: Femoral acetabular impingement and adductor tendinopathy
  • Sport: Volleyball
  • Team: (Retired) Team Canada

For nearly 10 years, I was plagued by hip pain. Diagnosed with femoral acetabular impingement (FAI), I managed pain and severely limited mobility. During my career, I worked with six different physiotherapists – though found little relief.

Erik revealed how my movement patterns impacted my pain, and how altering my strategy, in conjunction with strengthening exercise, has allowed me to play without pain.

His service is above and beyond. Erik was phenomenal not just at addressing the issue but educating me along the process – independently manage my body.

I would consider Erik to be the best physiotherapist I have ever had the pleasure to work with and would recommend him without hesitation.

Amanda Tobin

  • Injury: Low back pain
  • Sport: Solo figure skater
  • Team: Skate Canada (Ontario)

Working with Erik during my time in BC has been amazing! He coached me through several injuries and helped me recover quickly by giving me exercise that helped both on and off the ice.

Thanks to Erik I was always able to train at my best and grow in my sport. Erik always made every session so fun, and I am going to miss working with him when I am back in Ontario.

Nadine Stewart

  • Injury: ACL Rupture
  • Sport: Lacrosse
  • School/ Team: Michigan Wolverines Women’s Lacrosse

After working with Erik these past few weeks, in the recovery of my second ACL injury, I am feeling confident in my knee to return to training. We were able to build my strength through clinic-based rehab and transitioned into field-based solutions to improvement my movement. Feeling good!!

Diana Voloshin

  • Injury: ACL rupture
  • Sport: Track and Field – hurdles and jumps specialist
  • School/Team: Simon Fraser University

The first time I had seen Erik, I had torn my left ACL. While the process after my surgery was difficult for my knee, Erik had been able to provide amazing guidance on getting back into my sport. When I had torn my right ACL 4 years later there was no hesitation in receiving his guidance once again.

This time around, the recovery process was easier because of the foundation we developed years before. There was always the concern that I would not be able to return to track or reach the level that I competed. However, whenever I saw Erik, he showed my progress and planned the strategies for our next goal.

This process always encouraged me and made me determined to reach my level again. No matter what, Erik would always be the one I would see to help in any of my injuries.

Michael Couture

  • Injury: High ankle sprain
  • Sport: CFL
  • Team: Winnipeg Blue Bombers

I started ankle rehab with Erik at the beginning of 2020. My ankle was extremely limited in range of motion and overall strength.  I had little confidence walking around and had not progressed at the rate that I was expecting up until rehab with Erik. From the beginning, Erik did a fantastic job creating a program that was truly tailored to my needs as an athlete. He knew when to push my ankle to its limits and when to take it easy in order to maximize its potential on any given day.

He was in constant contact with my strength and conditioning coach in order to tweak my off-season workout plans in a way that would help and not hinder my performance in the gym. When my ankle was ready, Erik then moved our sessions on to the football field. During these sessions, he took the time to learn how offensive linemen move in order to better assist in my progression back into playing shape.

Eriks ability to adapt to his clients needs is what really impressed me. Although the rehabilitation process was a difficult one, Erik’s passion for helping me reached my goals made all the difference!

April Coffin

  • Injury: ACL rupture
  • Sport: Soccer
  • Team: Surrey United

I booked with Erik immediately after my injury. I was terrified that I had torn my ACL. Erik helped me come to terms with my injury and the process it would take
to return to soccer. I worked with Erik before and after both my ACL surgeries both in the clinic and on the pitch doing physio and soccer drills in a controlled

When training on-field, Erik knew how to push me and helped me overcome mental blocks and fears I had regarding my knee. Erik helped me become both physically and mentally ready to return to my sport. I was the strongest and fittest I had been since University! Throughout my rehabilitation journey, Erik was supportive, empathic and genuinely invested in my recovery. He was tough on me some days (which looking back I am thankful for) but was also flexible, understanding and super patient!

The knowledge, kindness and passion Erik demonstrated enabled me to believe that I could overcome my injury. I am truly thankful for Erik helping me return to playing competitive soccer after both knee injuries.

Jessica Soenen

  • Injury: ACL Rupture
  • Sport: Field Lacrosse
  • School: University of Indianapolis

I came in to see Erik after I tore my ACL at the end of my freshman season. Although I only worked with him for 3 months during the summer before returning to school, I felt that I made bigger strides during that time period than at any other point during my recovery.

Erik put together a program that allowed me to maximize my time with him and build a strong foundation for the remainder of my recovery. He understood my limitations and subsequently was able to push me past the mental blocks that were holding me back, giving me the confidence to achieve my full potential. He taught me the best way to integrate back into sports safely and continued to monitor my progression, after I returned to the USA.

Throughout my rehabilitation process, I felt that Erik always had my best interest in mind, which garnered my trust during the most devastating time of my athletic career. I credit my recovery and current success to Erik’s holistic approach to treatment and I cannot speak highly enough of him.

Liz Chamberlain

  • Injury: Multiple knee surgeries
  • Sport: Triathlete

I felt extremely lucky being booked with Erik for my rehab surrounding my multiple knee surgeries. I was in desperate need for some professional guidance to help me get back to my competitive racing ASAP!

Erik was very patient and caring throughout my treatments, and we made incredible gains quickly with his vast knowledge of the most current treatments and exercises. He was very positive and motivating and strategized a very effective/challenging program that helped push me towards reaching both my short term and Long term goals!

Erik also offered me lots of  awesome recommendations to assist me in continuing with my rehab at home!  Thanks for everything!!

Madeline Edwards

  • Injury: Ankle debridement surgery
  • Sport: Ice Dance
  • Team: Team Canada

As an internationally competitive figure skater and longtime client of Erik, I came in with many acute and chronic injuries throughout the years. Erik consistently went above and beyond to ensure that I received the best care, no matter the injury.

After my ankle surgery in 2016, Erik was with me every step of the way – from my first steps on crutches to my first time back on the ice. He worked closely (and tirelessly!) with my coaches, trainers, and doctors to formulate a rehabilitation plan that would have me performing at my best again. Erik kept me informed about my progress and was always excited to celebrate the ‘little wins’ with me. His knowledge of the latest in best practices and new methodologies left me with no question that I had all the best options for my recovery.

Now retired from elite sport, I am able to run, jump, and dance – things that I didn’t think I would ever do pain-free again. He treated me not only as an athlete but as a person, always keeping my well-being at the core of his care. I cannot thank him enough for everything that he has done for me!

Ryan Pouwells

  • Injury: Persistent back pain
  • Sport: Baseball
  • Team: LSU Shreveport Athletics

A crippling back injury had kept me from competing in my Senior season of collegiate baseball. I was deemed unfit to play by my athletic trainer and was redshirted for the remainder of the year. When I saw Erik I was unable to walk; let alone sprint, move with agility or play a competitive level of sport. My body had never been weaker in the entirety of my 16-year athletic career.

Some sessions later, consisting of literal blood, sweat and tears, he gave me the greatest gift I could have ever asked for: an ability to return to play for my final season of competitive baseball. The future of my athletic career was in the hands of this man — and he over-delivered in every aspect.

One of the best humans I have had the pleasure of crossing paths with. I truly can’t say enough.

Leo Lee

  • Injury: Shoulder stabilization surgery
  • Sport: Aspiring tactical athlete

Erik and I worked relentlessly before and after my right shoulder arthroscopic stabilization surgery.

Post-surgery, I experienced grueling stiffness. While the rehab process was not a walk in the park, Erik’s profound insight, skills and professional wisdom helped me to stay on track both physically and mentally to rehabilitate my shoulder.

My shoulder has improved substantially, and I feel healthier than before. He will articulate the strategies as well as the purpose of his action plans.

He is thoroughly passionate about his clients’ success beyond their rehabilitation and performance goals. If you are looking to undergo an orthopaedic surgery or to rehabilitate a nagging injury, do not hesitate to contact Erik.

Perry Parmar

  • Injury: Bilateral calcaneal fracture
  • Sport: Active for life

Three months after my ladder accident, I was in a wheelchair when I first met Erik. Life seemed pretty grim at the time. The attending orthopaedic surgeon wasn’t sure if I could ever walk again. In taking me on as a new patient, Erik kicked off an adaptive physio program, demanded disciplined participation and in-return offered optimism with balanced expectations.

With that Erik went to work. For the next 6 months, he left no stone unturned from adjusting exercises/equipment, mobility development/strength building to seeking expert council – podiatrist/chiro/massage therapists. Every time I saw him, based on his view of my progress/readiness, Erik was amazingly always prepared with a new variant of our previous physio program – pushing the bar higher each and every time.

Erik made it possible for me to progress as far as was achievable, which made the choice of surgery very clear as the next evolutionary step in my recovery. Erik’s post-operative rehab program was equally as well thought through as when I first met him.

Erik has seen his own professional goal (of making patients achieve a quality of life) realized through me. I just wrapped up the fall season with a couple of rounds of golf and looking forward to skiing over the holidays – something that was unimaginative a little over a year ago.

Erik has been my partner, coach and a guide in navigating me through the darkest stages of my life to where I’m today. I’m tremendously proud of what we have achieved together. Through it all, I’ve developed a very deserving admiration and respect for Erik’s expertise and professionalism. Can’t say enough about him!

Behdad Jamshidi

  • Injury: Persistent hamstring and groin injuries
  • Sport: Soccer, beach volleyball

I started seeing Erik when I was dealing with a groin injury that no other pratitioner could solve. It was with Erik’s help I was able to harness my breathing and create dynamic stability in my torso – you heard it right!

On this foundation, I was able to build strength, express complex movements and over time get back to playing soccer from months of being out of sport.

Now my mindset around injuries is totally different. What I appreciate the most about Erik is his continuous learning and the care he gives to his clients.

Lois Axford

  • Condition: Hip osteoarthritis and total hip replacement
  • Sport: history of distance running – now curling/swimming/hiking!

Friends recommended that I seek physio treatment from Erik when my pain became so consistent that I had to quit curling mid-season. I was having real difficulty sleeping because of my pain. I’ve walked off a golf course the previous summer because it was too severe finish a round.

We began in the months leading up to surgery – reducing my pain significantly and, in my opinion, kept me walking and strong to recover quickly from surgery. After my total hip replacement, we worked regularly and continued to regain and further develop my strength and flexibility.

He was always incredibly supportive, but continually pushed me to become as strong as possible. “Good enough,” was never acceptable to him, and so it was not acceptable to me. I feel like he and my surgeon have given me my life back!

Sarah Parker

  • Injury: Meniscal tear (knee)
  • Sport: Soccer
  • School/Team: University of Fraser Valley Womens Soccer

When I first injured my leg, there was so much uncertainty with what was actually going on with my knee, and how I was going to get back into playing.

Erik took the time assessing every angle of what could be wrong and what the approach would be. He doesn’t not stop until he has a solution!

My goal was to play when my season started up again. It was a stretch… but every session had a goal that made it that much more achievable. We worked in the clinic, the gym or on the field.

With our mutual commitment to help me reach my goal, I felt like I was never injured, and I could compete without worry . I know that without his help I would not be in the shape I am today.

Sheri Delmaestro

  • Injury: Lumbar disc prolapse
  • Sport: run, hike, cycle, HIIT!

For 7 years Erik has treated my two daughters with their competitive figure skating injuries.  During this time, he has always gone above and beyond with their care, even at the last minute, prior to elite competition. 

When I suffered a bulged disc last year, I was so grateful for his care, now for me.  Initially I was in so much pain that I could barely walk.  I couldn’t sit, drive, or even lay on a bed.  I had never experienced such high extremes of searing nerve pain. I honestly don’t think I could have handled those levels of pain without Erik’s help.

He helped me through this toughest time of my life with his kindness, understanding, patience, and his absolute dedication to finding the best solution to every injury.  When I first started seeing him for the bulged disc, I couldn’t imagine that I would ever again run or exercise to the levels I was used to, let alone comfortably walk. 

With Erik’s expert therapy, I now am able to easily run a 10K, and joyfully participate in weight and HIIT workouts without any pain.  Recently he also gave me so much more mobility in an ankle that I injured a few years ago.  I feel so fortunate to have Erik as my physio!

Ian Hawksbee

  • Injury: Multiple
  • Sport: NLL and WLA Lacrosse
  • Team: Vancouver Warriors and New West Salmon Bellies

Erik and I first met 6 years ago when he signed on with the then Vancouver Stealth as the Lead Medical.  Erik took no time in changing the culture of the team’s physical preparation regime leading up to training camp and throughout the season.  As one of the older players on the team I understood the importance of not just having the right plan in place but also being empowered to self-manage my recovery and maintenance in-season.

Erik has always gone above and beyond to make sure that I was at my best when I was on the floor and even more so when the games were over.  I can’t thank or recommend him enough as he continues down his career path.

Erik truly loves what he does, and it shows in the level of care in all facets of his practice.

Greg Carswell

  • Injury: Neck dissection surgery
  • Sport: Golf

I met Erik following a proceedure as part of my cancer treatment – a neck dissection surgery. Needless to say, I was in a tough spot with my condition and the path forward. I had limited movement in my neck, shoulder, and arm; coupled with chronic headaches.  I was finding out quickly that there were not a lot of manuals for that.

Erik was great to work with. We started with some light treatment, while at the same time gaining access to the Surgeon’s Report and doing research on the specifics of my injury. Once we established the impact, Erik set about working with me on a full recovery plan.

Erik was fully involved in all aspects of my recovery plan from contacting my Surgeon to setting me up with both massage and personal trainer programs. Erik essentially took over my full routine for recovery.

Erik is fun to work with and continues to be instrumental in my successful journey to recovery.

Tyler Codron

  • Injury: ACL rupture
  • Sport: NLL and WLA Lacrosse
  • Team: Vancouver Warriors and Maple Ridge Burrards

In 2015, I tore my ACL for the second time in my professional lacrosse career.  Little did I know that getting teamed up with Erik would be one of the best things to happen to me during this difficult time.  Erik not only helped me physically through this rehab but mentally as well.

The whole time during my rehab, Erik pushed me with positive encouragement.  Beyond our in-person sessions, we were in close contact with my surgeon and team trainer in Colorado – keeping a single, unified voice during my recovery.  Erik not only made my return to sport possible, but he also kept me going when times I felt like it was impossible.

I cannot give Erik enough thanks for the job he did in my recovery.  His professionalism and knowledge were beyond what I could have asked for.

Sgt. Dave Whalen

  • Injury: ACL rupture
  • Sport: Dog Handler
  • Organization: RCMP

I met Erik post-surgery for ACL reconstruction. The injury to the knee was extensive including a femur fracture, bone marrow edema in both tibia and femur and meniscal tear.

I am a RCMP dog handler, and after this on-duty injury I thought my career was over. One of my primary functions as a handler is tracking people after committing an offence. This involves a lot of running, being pulled by a motivated dog through uneven terrain, at night, wearing full duty gear weighing close to 8kg extra.

Erik got to work.

To say I believe Erik is one of the most talented practitioners is an understatement. When you go to him, be prepared to work. He is an aggressive physiotherapist who keeps you active throughout your healing process. His process is calculated and progressive. You build on your healing from one week to the next seeing results helping to stay positive.

When I thought Erik was not quite understanding what I actually needed my body to do, he was open to coming out and feeling the forces applied to my body while tracking. Secretly I think he had more fun that day and forgot about being a physiotherapist for a while. With this knowledge, he changed things up – tailoring what needed to be done to get me back behind a dog again.

Since recovery, I was able to increase the daily mileage on my body and became one of our trainers at our national training centre in Alberta.

I believe Erik saved my dog career by being a great therapist with his compassionate approach and drive to become the best he can be. Always positive when you are with him.

Val Westell

  • Injury: Persistent neck and shoulder pain
  • Sport: Golf

My shoulder was constantly sore and kept me from getting the practice time I needed to compete.

I knew I needed someone who was an expert in this type of injury and chose someone who was recommended and experience in high performance sports Erik.

I now enjoy my practice and preparations for tournaments now – it helps manage my pain and improve my swing!

Joel McCready

  • Injury: Achilles Rupture
  • Sport: NLL Lacrosse and Firefighter
  • Team: Vancouver Warriors
We decided on a non-operative approach for my Achilles injury and Erik was with me everyday, every single step of the way. He not only focused on the injury itself but put emphasis on the way an athlete should move and protect their body from future injury.
As any athlete who has experienced a season ending injury before would tell you; injuries come with highs and lows throughout the entire recovery process. I would consider Erik an asset to my recovery.
I would recommend Erik to any athlete who has sustained a major injury and needs someone who will be with them day in and day out putting in the work required to come back better than ever.
Many professionals deemed this particular injury to be career ending for me and would alter my mobility in the future.
With Erik’s plan, persistence and our work we put in together, I now feel better than I ever have in my athletic career and physically demanding career as a FF. I was able to comeback stronger than before and with the confidence to go after anything.
From the entire McCready family, thank you Erik.

Cristina Delmaestro

  • Injury: Hip labral repair
  • Sport: Figure Skating

I came in to see Erik for the first time several years ago. I was in the middle of my competition season and was experiencing intense hip and back pain. Erik helped to relieve some of this pain in order for me to finish off the season even when I didn’t think I would be able to.

Over the years, Erik has worked collaboratively with my sports medicine doctor, trainers, and orthopaedic surgeons to help me manage my pain and create a rehab plan for me. Erik has always gone above and beyond to provide me with the best possible care. Erik has helped manage my pain and has pushed me to get stronger while I wait for hip surgery.

I feel much more confident going into surgery knowing that I have Erik to facilitate my rehab to get me back to living an active and pain free life.

Madeline Moore

  • Injury: ACL rupture
  • Sport: NCAA Div 1 Soccer
  • Team: Utah Valley Wolverines 

I have had the privilege of knowing Erik for many years and he has supported me through various ankle and knee injuries, with the most recent challenge being an ACL reconstruction surgery. The moment I hurt my knee and knew I needed to embark on a recovery journey, Erik was the first person I called. When injuries arise and I am at my lowest, Erik is who I trust to support me through those difficult and strenuous moments in life.

I was devastated when I tore my ACL, struggling to cope with being sidelined from the sport I love, but the day after learning this news, Erik had formulated a comprehensive plan on how we would tackle this rehab, from building up strength, and preparing the knee before surgery, to how we would tackle the post-operation recovery expedition. Being a high-level athlete with professional aspirations, Erik is exactly the person I need on my team for my comeback. From feeling excruciating pain in attempt to bend my knee a few degrees 3 days post-operation and finding myself on crutches for 6 weeks, to 4 months later weight-lifting, starting to get touches on the ball at the field, and taking steps every day towards feeling and moving like my athletic self once again, the strides I have been able to make with the guidance and expertise that Erik offers have been tremendously rewarding.


Erik is incredibly knowledgeable and dedicated to helping each of his clients achieve their greatest goals. He has taught me that there is so much more in myself than I could imagine, and that when I commit and trust in the process, there is no limit to what our bodies and minds can achieve. Erik constantly challenges and pushes me to improve in safe and controlled environments with each movement and exercise building off of each other with exceptional precision, and always correlating to my positional soccer movements.

Through the rigorous process of recovery, Erik creates a culture to celebrate every win and smile at the victories, and always has an ear to listen and encouragement to give when times are tough.


Erik creates an inspiring culture of growth and work ethic. In Erik’s practice he encompasses each area of recovery I need to get myself back on the field, all executed with critical attention, compassion and care. From treating my knee and coaching new movements, to creating at home rehab plans for me to work on my recovery diligently outside of the clinic, combined with work in the weight room and out on the pitch, Erik approaches every moment with the opportunity to cultivate new knowledge and build strength, and confidence, each day.

I would not be the athlete and person I am today without Erik’s care and intelligent guidance.

Over the years, Erik has worked collaboratively with my sports medicine doctor, trainers, and orthopaedic surgeons to help me manage my pain and create a rehab plan for me. Erik has always gone above and beyond to provide me with the best possible care. Erik has helped manage my pain and has pushed me to get stronger while I wait for hip surgery.

I feel much more confident going into surgery knowing that I have Erik to facilitate my rehab to get me back to living an active and pain free life.