The aspirations of this blog (aka: Injury Report; abbr. IR) is to remain active in posting relevant and best evidence-informed practices and care, informing my patients, the public/community, and act as a resource for my colleagues in sport medicine, therapy, and performance.

Usually you would have found me being most active on Instagram (handle *cough* @eatphysio – follow me), though the IR will allow:

  1. More authentic and engaging writings – not just hashtags but real writing, with evidence/experiences supporting.
  2. Avoiding the watering-down effects of social media – there is just so much out there, and occasionally it just lends itself to mindless scrolling that I too want to avoid.
  3. Ability to share more expansive thought – being limited to 140 characters on twitter or and drop down that not many will take a moment to read. If it’s not ordained with sick pictures and new filters with the right music, it may never be seen again.

Now this doesn’t mean that I won’t be still posting cool stuff on instagram – that promotional personality will continue on :).

Anyways, this is a new journey for me and my writing skills – and now rather than trying to put it together on my iPhone mini that reminds me of my iPhone 6 (the last iPhone I owned…), I have the luxury of a full keyboard!

With gratitude,