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We are sport and rehabilitation professionals working in the field of therapy and performance for over a decade. Driven by passion – we will guide and advise you in recovery and support the achievement of your goals. Every individual we work with, whatever their level of participation, has the opportunity to grow. The journey requires introspection, commitment, action, maintenance, and resilience. Are you ready to take the next step?

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We offer a complete spectrum of care which will be specifically tailored to your needs and expectations.


Our care follows strong principles built on sound evidence, while constantly integrating new knowledge from multiple facets of health. Rehabilitation is an active process and requires focus and dedication – from you AND your therapist. Investing in how to move and use your body during your recovery, optimization, and performance can change the experience from “I NEED YOU to get me out of pain” into “There is no limit to what I CAN DO!”. Developing a capacity of sustained resilience will then allow you to have the best resistance to future (re)injury.

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Praise And Inspiration

Amanda Collinge

  • Injury: 5th metatarsal fracture
  • Sport: Ballet

I met Erik a few days after what I thought was a career-ending injury: during dress rehearsal only a few days before opening night as a principal dancer in a large production, I slipped on fake snow jt-ing onto stage, breaking my left foot.  As a more mature dancer, immediately my heart broke as I thought this was it for me, and surgery was not an option due to the way it broke.  Erik immediately gave me hope, creating a detailed care plan on how I could return to the stage.  Muscle atrophy was a concern, as I was stuck in a boot waiting for the bone to naturally heal, and Erik helped me keep up strength initially through non-weight bearing exercises, blood flow restriction rehab, and then progressive plans for regaining range of motion and strength once I could walk again.  Erik also took it upon himself to learn the uniqueness of ballet movement  – as dancers know, technique is critical and we can’t sacrifice form, which he understood and included in creating our intensive rehab plan.  The care and attention I received from Erik was world-class, second to none; he really went above and beyond for me.  My most recent performance was back en pointe, performing the Dying Swan and excerpts from Swan Lake at the Chan Centre; something I didn’t dream was possible at the time of the injury.  I cannot express how truly grateful I am for Erik’s incredible care, and do not believe I would be where I am today without his guidance and support.

Michael Couture

  • Injury: High ankle sprain
  • Sport: CFL
  • Team: Winnipeg Blue Bombers

I started ankle rehab with Erik at the beginning of 2020. My ankle was extremely limited in range of motion and overall strength.  I had little confidence walking around and had not progressed at the rate that I was expecting up until rehab with Erik. From the beginning, Erik did a fantastic job creating a program that was truly tailored to my needs as an athlete. He knew when to push my ankle to its limits and when to take it easy in order to maximize its potential on any given day.

He was in constant contact with my strength and conditioning coach in order to tweak my off-season workout plans in a way that would help and not hinder my performance in the gym. When my ankle was ready, Erik then moved our sessions on to the football field. During these sessions, he took the time to learn how offensive linemen move in order to better assist in my progression back into playing shape.

Eriks ability to adapt to his clients needs is what really impressed me. Although the rehabilitation process was a difficult one, Eriks passion for helping me reached my goals made all the difference!

Tyler Codron

  • Injury: ACL rupture
  • Sport: NLL Lacrosse
  • Team: Vancouver Warriors

In 2015, I tore my ACL for the second time in my professional lacrosse career.  Little did I know that getting teamed up with Erik would be one of the best things to happen to me during this difficult time.  Erik not only helped me physically through this rehab but mentally as well.

The whole time during my rehab, Erik pushed me with positive encouragement.  Beyond our in-person sessions, we were in close contact with my surgeon and team trainer in Colorado – keeping a single, unified voice during my recovery.  Erik not only made my return to sport possible, but he also kept me going when times I felt like it was impossible.

I cannot give Erik enough thanks for the job he did in my recovery.  His professionalism and knowledge were beyond what I could have asked for.

The Injury Report

Posture. Bad word of the 2020s.

Posture. Bad word of the 2020s.

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Groin pain in athletes – the sports physiotherapist’s perspective

Groin pain in athletes – the sports physiotherapist’s perspective

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Welcome to TRP’s Injury Report

Welcome to TRP’s Injury Report

The aspirations of this blog (aka: Injury Report; abbr. IR) is to remain active in posting relevant and best evidence-informed practices and care, informing my patients, the public/community, and act as a resource for my colleagues in sport medicine, therapy, and...

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